Discreet Packaging

All orders ship in discreet packaging not mentioning the contents of the shipment. We ship pills using containers, packed in dense brown-paper envelopes.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship orders to all countries over the world. You could contact our Customer Service to find out delivery options for your region.

Dedicated Support

What makes us stand apart from other suppliers is that we offer 24×7 customer support, that is fully dedicated towards customer needs and queries.


MedEx deals with WHO-GMP & FDA-approved facilities, which meets ISO 9001 quality standards.


MedEx is a privately held trading company located in Mumbai – India’s financial capital. Starting from 2007, MedEx is pioneering medicine supplier and dropshipper for online pharmacies. Medex’ management is talented committed experts who have a experience and knowledge in the modern pharma industry.


  1. 1
    Five-Star Service

    Medex provides 5-star service by well-trained staff and helps customers to feel confident.

  2. 2
    Bulk and Retail Orders

    Medex operates in both retail and wholesale aspects of cooperations. Always full with stock and deal with all kinds of medicines.

  3. 3
    Match Plus Program

    Our Match+ program allows to find affordable price, match or beat competitors’ rates.

  4. 4
    Payment Methods

    Payment is Easy. Take care of your suitability and understands you!


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