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Generic Name:Sildenafil Citrate
Brand Name:Viagra
Indian Brand:Vigora
Manufacturer:German Remedies
Dosage:100 mg
Packaging:Blister Pack of 4 Red Tablets
Delivery Time:7 — 21 Days

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Vigora 100 is an incredibly effective drug for potency. It will not allow you to “fall asleep” at the most inopportune moment. The medicine contains the optimal dose of sildenafil in each pill. The amount of 100 mg is enough for anyone to achieve a steady state of erection. The development of the drug was involved by one of the largest medical corporation German Remedies.

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Vigora 100 – effective pills for potency.
Sildenafil has benefited many men. This substance helps restore family relationships, balance the psychological state, return to normal sexual life.

Vigora 100 is a pharmacological product for eliminating erectile disorders. The main active ingredient of Sildenafil citrate is a type 5 PDE inhibitor. The effect of the intake comes as a result of the relaxation of the genital organ vessels and increases their throughput, which stimulates blood flow to the penis. Adequate erection develops only in response to sexual stimulation. The drug is recommended for men experiencing difficulties in achieving or maintaining sufficient penis hardness for sexual intercourse. The drug Vigora 100 is designed for men who have difficulty with erection.

• Due to rapid resorption in the body, just 30 minutes after taking the pill, you will notice a rush of blood to the penis.
• Erection occurs only with excitement.
• After taking Sildenafil, you can have sex for 4 hours. The time for recovery between sexual acts is minimal.
• The drug is well tolerated during the initial and repeated admission.

And the most important thing is that the erection will come only when excited. And the duration of the drug’s action is at least 5-6 hours. The time to restore the power between sexual acts is reduced to a minimum.

Vigora 100 pills are taken orally, washed down with water, no more than 1 tablet a day. Use of the drug excludes the use of alcohol. Fatty food reduces the effectiveness of the active ingredient and lengthens the absorption time. The medicine is taken 30-50 before the supposed physical proximity. The maximum concentration of Sildenafil in the blood is observed after 50-60 minutes after taking the medication. The effect persists for 4-5 hours, at this time a man is able to carry out several sexual acts with a short break.

Admission of Vigora 100 eliminates all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and allows you to get a more intense sensation during sex.

The occurrence of side effects is not excluded, especially when taking the medicine for the first time. Changing color perception – all surrounding objects are painted in blue. There may be a headache, nasal congestion or a strong rush of blood to the face with reddening of the skin. Do not be afraid. This period should be just waited out, the symptoms disappear on their own.

Vigora 100 is contraindicated for men with an allergic reaction to the active substance of the drug – sildenafil citrate – in the past. The allergy could be manifested by severe itching of the skin, its edema and the appearance skin rashes in the form of small red pimples or blisters; suffocation, swelling of the lips and tongue, loss of their sensitivity.


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