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Taxanes are a group of powerful chemotherapeutic drugs that can leave growth and further development of cancer cells. studies of drugs in this group showed that they are effective in treating metastases of breast cancer, when other chemotherapy drugs are ineffective.

In January 2005, the United States approved the use of Abraxane, the drug of the taxanes group, which is a new form of Paclitaxel used in the treatment of metastases of breast cancer. It is approved as a second-line drug, that is, it is used when standard chemotherapy drugs are ineffective. In one of the studies comparing the efficacy of other medicines in the treatment of breast cancer metastases, the efficacy of Abraxane was demonstrated. This drug is approved in the US in the treatment of early stages of cancer.

Abraxane is a drug of a group of taxanes that are powerful chemotherapy drugs that can stop the growth and development of cancer cells. in clinical trials, it has been shown that they are effective in treating metastases of breast cancer in the case of ineffectiveness of other types of chemotherapy.

However, taxanes can cause serious side effects, such as a decrease in the number of leukocytes in the blood (neutropenia or leukopenia), weakness and infection complications due to weakened immunity.

Abraxane 100 mg is a medicinal product used in the treatment of cancer. The effect of the drug is associated with suppression of growth and functioning of intensively dividing tumor cells. The active substance is Paclitaxel
The drug is usually used to treat metastatic and recurrent cancer. Abraxane also showed its effectiveness in the therapy of Kaposi’s sarcoma in patients with HIV infection.

Protocol for the use of Abraxane 100 mg

The dose of the drug is selected depending on the type of disease, its stage and the physical parameters of the patient (calculated according to the relevant tables). The dose is adjusted in the following cases:
with repeated courses of therapy
in patients with impaired renal function
with pronounced side effects from the drug in the history.

Abraxane is administered intravenously via a dropper under the supervision of medical staff. The interval between administrations is usually 3 weeks. Therapy is performed under the condition of monitoring the blood state, since a significant reduction in the number of neutrophils is possible.
The effectiveness of Abraxane is proved by clinical studies and long-term oncology practice.


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