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Cabazitaxel – a modern remedy that has an effective antitumor effect. The mechanism of action of Cabazitaxel is to suppress the mitotic and interphase activity of the cell due to the destruction of the microtubule network and the connection with tubulin. Cabazitaxel is used in the fight against metastatic, hormone-resistant prostate cancer, if the previous therapy with docetaxel did not bring results. Results from a study of 755 patients with prostate cancer indicate a 30% reduction in the risk of death with Cabazitaxel instead of mitoxantrone, as well as an increase in the percentage of survival with no progression of the disease.

Dosage and administration of Cabazitaxel.

Intravenous, dropwise for one hour. Frequency of infusions – every 3 weeks. Simultaneously with Cabazitaxel, the patient should take 10 mg of prednisone, or Prednisolone orally every day.

The cause of a decrease in the dose of Cabazitaxel to 20 mg / day may be prolonged neutropenia of the third degree, which is observed in the patient for a week, despite the appropriate treatment, as well as febrile neutropenia or neutropenic infection. To reduce the dose to the above amount is required in the case of diarrhea of the third degree or more, persistent diarrhea, which is observed in the patient for a week, contrary to the appropriate treatment, as well as peripheral neuropathy of the second degree and more.
When dose reduction does not lead to the disappearance of all of the above side effects, therapy with the remedy Cabazitaxel should be stopped.

Special Notes for Cabazitaxel.

Cabazitaxel is taken only in specialized departments for the using of cytotoxic remedies. Infusion takes place under the supervision of a doctor who has experience with the using of antitumor remedies. In the presence of special equipment, which is required to arrest serious reactions of hypersensitivity: bronchospasm and arterial hypotension.

The active substance of Cabazitaxel can have an adverse effect on male gametes. Probably, Cabazitaxel enters the seminal fluid during the administration of the remedy. In view of the teratogenicity of Cabazitaxel, during the course of treatment with Cabazitaxel and six months after its completion, it is necessary to resort to reliable methods of contraception in case of sexual intercourse. It is necessary to avoid contact of the ejaculate with the tissues of another person. The intake of Cabazitaxel has an extremely unfavorable effect on fertility.


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