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Lung cancer is one of the worst consequences of such a bad habit as smoking. In 80% of cases, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is detected. For many years this disease was attempted to be defeated with the help of chemotherapy. Such aggressive treatment greatly worsened the quality of life of patients. In 2011, it was found that the substance Crizotinib able to effectively fight NSCLC.

In 2012, the company “Pfizer” registered the remedy Crizotinib 250 as an antitumor remedy. Its action is based on the fact that the active substance of the preparation Crizotinib prevents the growth of blood supply to the tumor of the vessels. Because of this, the tumor becomes less dangerous to human life. The price of Crizotinib is quite high, but the effectiveness of the remedy is high.

The research conducted by the company showed that the survival rate among patients taking the remedy grows in comparison with those treated by irradiation. Moreover, no unexpected side effect was recorded during the tests.

Difficulties in diagnosing and treating of NSCLC
Unfortunately, the diagnosis of lung cancer rarely occurs in the early stages, although it is at this time that it is easier to cure. The first symptoms, which should alert everyone, are often written off for a prolonged cold. These include:
persistent cough;
outgoing sputum contains blood veins;
hoarse voice;
pain in the lungs.

As a rule, NSCLC is detected in 2 or 3 stages. And even in these cases, Xalkori is an effective drug.

It was noted that in most patients with NSCLC, the ALK gene (anaplastic lymphoma kinase) is present. It is believed that people with such a gene are prone to developing lung adenocarcinoma, even if they do not smoke. The tumor begins to grow at a time when the ALK gene is affected.

Crizotinib 250 is an antineoplastic agent that is a protein kinase inhibitor and is used in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. The remedy Crizotinib 250 blocks (inhibits) this modified gene and helps to reduce the size of the tumor.

Unfortunately, not everyone can take Crizotinib 250. Oncologists do not recommend taking it:
pregnant women and nursing mothers;
children under 18;
patients with impaired liver and kidney function.

The effect of the remedy has not yet been studied among the above groups of patients. According to the instructions for use per day, take one tablet two times a day, with plenty of water. At the same time taking the remedy does not depend on the time of eating.

Crizotinib 250 should be taken at a strictly certain time. If it turned out that you missed taking the pill, then you must immediately take it, if before taking the next it remains more than 6 hours. If there are less than 6 hours left, it is necessary to take the pill at the standard time, while doubling the dose is prohibited.


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