Desferrioxamine 500mg


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Pharmacology of Desferrioxamine 500mg.

Pharmacological action – complexing.
Forms complexes mainly with trivalent iron and aluminum ions; to a lesser extent binds divalent ions. Forms a stable complex with iron, preventing its entry into further reactions: binds iron ferritin and hemosiderin (but not transferrin), 100 parts of Desferrioxamine (by weight) binds 5 parts of iron; does not interact with iron of cytochrome, myoglobin and hemoglobin. It circulates in the blood and is slowly metabolized by plasma enzymes (not all the ways of biotransformation have been clarified). Easily excreted by the kidneys, a certain amount is excreted in the digestive tract with bile and excreted with feces. Does not cause an increase in the excretion of electrolytes and trace elements.

Using of the substance Desferrioxamine 500.

Transfusion hemosiderosis (including with thalassemia and other chronic anemia); idiopathic hemochromatosis (if phlebotomy is not possible); idiopathic hemosiderosis of the lungs, hemosiderosis on the background of cirrhosis of the liver, porphyrin disease; acute poisoning with iron preparations (as part of combination therapy). Chronic excess aluminum in patients with terminal renal failure (supporting dialysis); bone system diseases associated with elevated aluminum content, dialysis encephalopathy and / or anemia associated with elevated aluminum content. Diagnostic test for determining pathological deposits of iron or aluminum.

Contraindications of Desferrioxamine 500mg.

Hypersensitivity, anuria, I trimester of pregnancy.
Application in pregnancy and lactation
The action category for fetus by FDA is C.
When using Desferrioxamine, breastfeeding should be stopped.

Side effects of the substance Desferrioxamine 500.

From the nervous system and sensory organs: dizziness, convulsions; when used in high doses and / or long-term treatment – reduced visual acuity, violation of peripheral and twilight vision, violation of color perception, cataract development, hearing loss (in the high frequency range).
On the part of the intestine: dyspeptic phenomena, diarrhea, impaired liver function.
From the cardiovascular system and blood (hematopoiesis, hemostasis): arterial hypotension, collapse, thrombocytopenia.
Other: renal dysfunction, allergic skin reactions, irritation at the injection site.


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