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Entecavir 0,5 mg is intended for the treatment of chronic (long-lasting) hepatitis B infection (liver enlargement caused by a virus) in patients with liver damage. Entecavir falls within the group of drugs called nucleoside analogs. It acts by reducing the amount of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in the organism. Entecavir isn’t able to cure HBV and avert complications of chronic hepatitis B (for example, cirrhosis or hepatic cancer. Keep in mind that even if you use the drug, there’s still a risk of transmitting the virus to the other people.

Take the drug strictly according to the doctor’s prescriptions. The common dose is 1 pill a day. Entecavir comes in two different dosages (0.5/1 mg), so every time you get a new supply, make sure you’ve received the same dosage as before. If you’re taking Entecavir oral solution, your physician will prescribe you the right dose and explain you how to measure the right dose by means of a special spoon available in the pack.

The use of Entecavir 0,5 mg can lead to severe or life-threatening liver injury and a disorder known as lactic acidosis (an accumulation of lactic acid in the bloodstream). Inform your physician if you consume large quantities of alcohol, use (or have used) illegal drugs, and if suffer(ed) from liver cirrhosis or any hepatic disease apart from hepatitis B. If you notice any of the following side effects, contact your physician at once: jaundice; hematuria (dark urine); pale stools; breathing problems; stomachache and bloating; sickness; vomiting; pain in the muscles; lack of appetite; lack of energy; increased weakness and fatigue; cold limbs; vertigo; increased heart rate.

Avoid stopping the treatment with Entecavir 0,5 mg without consulting your physician, as drug withdrawal can exacerbate your hepatitis. This may happen within the first several months after the end of treatment. Take the drug strictly according to the prescription. Avoid skipping the dose of Entecavir. Take a new prescription at least a few days before you expect that you will require the fresh supply of the drug. If you notice any of these symptoms after withdrawing Entecavir 0,5 mg, contact your doctor at once: extreme fatigue, weakness, sickness, vomiting, lack of appetite, jaundice, hematuria (dark urine), stool color changes and pain in the muscles or joints.


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