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Flibanserin is a qualitative mean of broad use with a complex therapeutic effect. The remedy is not a sexual agent. Flibanserine 100 is designed to treat various depressive disorders (including reduced libido and mood), frigidity of various origins (inability to get sexual pleasure and relaxation).
The remedy Flibanserine 100 is classified as a mild antidepressant. It improves mood and levels the psycho-emotional background. Thanks to the stabilization of the work of the nervous system, it becomes possible to harmonize intimate relationships.

Indications for using Flibanserine 100.

List of readings:
Anorgasmia (absence of orgasm).
Too weak orgasm.
Decreased libido (sexual desire).
Insufficient amount of vaginal lubrication due to lack of sexual arousal.
Pain in time of frictions.
Sexual dysfunction of different origin.
Often, a woman before pre-menopause, during and after the menopause suffers from problems in sexual and daily life. Low mood and libido lowers the quality of life in general. In this period, we should look for ways out of the situation. The use of high-quality antidepressants will help a woman once again enjoy sex and life in general.


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