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The drug Halaven is an antitumor agent, the main active ingredient of which is Eribulin. It blocks the life cycle of cancer cells, which stops the growth of tumor tissue and further leads to their death.
A variety of side effects can accompany the patient during the administration of such medication. One or more from different systems. The most common are insomnia, depression, decreased appetite and anorexia, headaches, anemia, tachycardia (frequent heart rate), ringing and tinnitus. Nausea and vomiting are frequent companions of Halaven reception.

Mechanism of action.

Halaven with high selectivity affects the processes of reproduction of tumor cells. It blocks the formation of spindles in the cell, which are necessary for mitosis (division), and this effect is long. Due to the continuing inability to carry out mitosis, a malignantly degenerated cell dies after a while.

Application protocol.

The beginning of Halaven should be preceded by at least two courses of chemotherapy remedies, including the use of substances from the group of taxanes and anthracyclines. Halaven itself is prescribed as a monotherapy and mixing it with other remedies is not recommended. The dosage of the remedy is calculated depending on the skin area of the patient and is usually 1.4 mg per 1 m2 of the body surface. The administration of this dose is carried out intravenously for 2 to 5 minutes. The schedule of injections is based on a 21-day cycle, during which the remedy enters the body at first and eight day.

Efficiency of using of Halaven.

The remedy Halaven was the object of several large-scale clinical trials, during which it demonstrated excellent results. It statistically significantly increased the survival rate in women, even with common forms of malignant breast tumors compared to other cytotoxic agents. In addition, its peculiarity was a smaller number of side effects observed in patients.


allergic reactions to eribulin or other components of Halaven;
hepatic and renal failure of a high degree;
pregnancy and breast-feeding;
patient’s age is less than 18 years.


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