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Iclusig 15mg is prescribed for the treatment of CML in the chronic phase, the phase of acceleration or the phase of blast crisis:
patients who developed resistance to treatment with dasatinib and nilotinib;
patients who do not tolerate treatment with these remedies;
patients whose subsequent treatment with imatinib is not clinically appropriate;
patients with a T315I mutation.

Iclusig 15mg is prescribed for the treatment of Ph + ALL:
patients who are resistant to dasatinib treatment;
patients who do not tolerate treatment with this remedy;
patients for whom subsequent treatment with imatinib is not clinically feasible;
patients with a T315I mutation.

Contraindications of Iclusig 15mg.

Hypersensitivity to any component of Iclusig 15mg.
Method of reception and dosage of Iclusig 15mg.
Treatment with Iclusig 15mg should be prescribed and conducted by a doctor who has experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with leukemia. In the course of treatment by Iclusig 15mg, if it is clinically necessary, hematological support of patients can be carried out, expressed in the transfusion of platelets and hematopoietic growth factors.

Before starting treatment Iclusig 15mg should assess the cardiovascular status of the patient and actively consider cardiovascular risk factors.
The recommended initial dose of Iclusig 15mg is 45 mg once a day. Treatment should be continued until the patient shows signs of disease progression or symptoms of unacceptable toxicity.
The effectiveness of treatment is controlled by the attending physician in accordance with standard clinical recommendations.
The issue of discontinuation of treatment is considered if the patient’s complete hematologic response does not occur within 3 months (90) days after initiation of therapy.

Adverse effects of Iclusig 15mg.

Side effects of Iclusig 15mg, found in 1 patient out of 100, are: pneumonia, pancreatitis, hyperthermia, abdominal pain, myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation, anemia, decreased platelet count in the blood, febrile neutropenia, heart failure, increased lipase, dyspnea, diarrhea , a decrease in the level of neutrophils, patients and pericarditis.

The most common side effects of Iclusig 15mg, found in 2 out of 10 patients, are a decrease in platelet count, rash, dry skin and abdominal pain. A complete list of side effects is contained in the product manual.

Medical interaction of Iclusig 15mg.

Iclusig can interact with other remedies, so give your doctor a complete list of all the medications you take, especially if they contain CYP enzymes.


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