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Imbruvica 140 mg – Ibrutinib 140 mg belongs to the group of anti-tumor drugs (protein kinase inhibitors). The main active substance of the drug is Ibrutinib. The drug is used mainly for the treatment of patients, suffering from mantle cell lymphoma. Moreover, Ibrutinib has recently been used for the therapy of chronic bovine leukosis in the patients who can’t use immune modulators.

In the course of drug therapy, an overwhelming majority of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia had an increase in the number of lymphocytes, which was reversible. An increase in the number of lymphocytes (lymphocytosis) is accompanied by a decrease in the size of the lymph nodes. This phenomenon reflects the pharmacological effect of Imbruvica and does not represent a worsening of the disease.


Imbruvica is used in the treatment of adult patients with a refractory or recurrent form of mantle cell lymphoma. In addition, the indication is chronic lymphocytic leukemia, in connection with which one line of therapy has been performed. The drug is used if the patient has contraindications for chemoimmunotherapy with a chromosomal mutation TP53 or a deletion of 17p. Also, the drug is used to treat Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia in patients who undergo one course of therapy or as a first-line treatment in patients who can not receive chemotherapy.

How does the drug act?

The feedbacks of patients about Imbruvica 140 mg – Ibrutinib 140 mg are mainly positive, and for a good reason. It is known as a highly effect drug, whose performance is achieved mostly through the mechanism of action. The thing is that Ibrutinib can inhibit the activity of protein tyrosine kinase, which is the main element in the metabolism of cancer cells. Stopping the activity of this enzyme, the drug leads to the death of cell and prevents the growth of cancer.

How effective is the drug?

High effectiveness of Imbruvica 140 mg is confirmed by the feedbacks from the patients and practitioners, as well as the clinical trials. 69% of all the test subjects demonstrated the clinical response to the drug use. 78% of patients, who participated in the experiment, demonstrated an increase of survival rate. At that, the pathology stopped to develop, and the risk of lethal outcome significantly reduced.

Mechanism of Imbruvica 140 mg action.

Imbruvica 140 mg comes in the form of capsules that can’t be opened, chewed or broken. The pill should be taken once a day (every day at the same time). It is desirable to take the capsules with regular water. The dosage depends on the nature of illness. Thus, optimal daily dose for the patients with lymphoma is 560 mg (4 capsules), while people suffering from bovine leukosis, should take 420 mg (3 capsules) of the drug every day. Each dose correction should be made only by the doctor and only when necessary.


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