Malegra FXT

Sildenafil 100mg + Fluoxetine 40mg tablets by Sunrise Remedies

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Generic Name:Sildenafil + Fluoxetine
Brand Name:Viagra + Prozac
Indian Brand:Malegra FXT
Manufacturer:Sunrise Remedies
Dosage:140 mg
Packaging:Blister Pack of 10 Tablets
Delivery Time:7 — 21 Days

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Malegra FXT belongs to the category of combined drugs. This means that it includes not one but two active components, which allows it to solve not only the problem of erectile dysfunction, but also to promote the prolongation of the sexual intercourse.

The composition of the remedy includes Sildenafil citrate 100 mg and Fluoxetine 40 mg. These are the standard recommended doses for these substances. To achieve the result it is enough to take just one pill per day. On the recommendation of a doctor, the dosage can be reduced or increased. Never exceed the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

What is the expected effect of the drug

Reviews of the drug Malegra FXT confirm that it is coping effectively with its tasks. With its help, you can significantly strengthen the erection and make sex hugely longer. Thus, you will be spared the need to purchase and use additional means which prolong sexual intercourse (such as anesthetic sprays or gels).

Fluoxetine has the property of accumulating in the body, so with regular use of small doses, the effect will be more pronounced and stable.

Feedbacks from men who have taken Malegra FXT indicate that side effects are relatively rare, but they cannot be excluded.

The most common cause of side effects is the excess of the required dosage. Do not take the medicine more than once every 24 hours.

Side effects after taking Malegra FXT are headache and dizziness, nausea, intestinal disorders, blood flushes to the face, allergic rhinitis, face swelling.

As a rule, the symptoms do not require special treatment and disappear soon after the drug is withdrawn.


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