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Megalis 20 is a drug for increasing potency using Tadalafil. Unlike Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil has a milder effect on the body of a man, which minimizes the risk of side effects even in elderly patients. In addition, this chemical maintains the potency of a record time – up to 48 hours, so Megalis 20 is quite naturally regarded as a “weekend drug”.

Where to buy Megalis

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Megalis 20 tablets are usually bought by men who experience regularly recurring difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient to perform a full sexual intercourse. Increased blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis increases the sensitivity of the genitals to intimate caresses. This feature of Tadalafil expands the range of sexual experiences from an intimate encounter, allowing you to experience more vivid emotions and sensations.

The regulator of potency Megalis 20 is available in the form of oval tablets. 10 tablets are sealed in one blister, each containing 20 mg of the active ingredient. This is a standard daily serving, optimal for most men. However, you should start with a lower dosage, for example, a dose of 5 mg of Tadalafil is suitable for beginners. If necessary, a tablet of 20 mg can be broken into several equal parts, divided into several receptions. The medicine is taken once a day, no more than 20 mg per day.
The organism of any person is distinguished by its special perception. Therefore, the optimal dosage of the drug for each is strictly individual. Its magnitude depends on the severity of the disorder, on the chronic diseases that people suffer. The most suitable dose for most men is 10 mg. It gives the maximum effect from the drug in 71% of cases. The maximum allowable daily dosage is 20 mg.

Tablet Megalis 20 is taken orally with water. The result in the form of an intense penis can be expected in 30-40 minutes after swallowing. The ability to have sexual intercourse remains at least 36, and as a maximum of 48 hours. Over this period of time, a man can repeatedly show his partner an excellent sexual form. Tadalafil allows the use of small portions of alcohol, so during a romantic dinner you can relax both physically and psychologically, after drinking a little wine.

Men rarely complain of the appearance after the admission of Megalis 20 side effects, however, like any drug, it has some contraindications to admission. Use the medicine is recommended only after permission of the doctor and determine the optimal dosage.

Side effects
Megalis 20 refers to drugs that have a minimum of side effects that gradually fade away as the tablets are taken. Possible manifestations include:
Gastric spasms
Dyspepsia phenomena
Nasal congestion
Muscle Pain in the Back
Feeling of heat in the face and neck
Sore throat, cough

Megalis 20 allows older men to regain youth. People with a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, again feel the joy of intimacy. But tablets with active substance Tadalafil, can be taken by quite healthy men and young guys who would like to get new vivid sexual sensations. According to the doctors’ assurance, taking Megalis 20 will not harm your health if you follow the recommended dosage and do not exceed it.


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