Omalizumab 150mg


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Indications of Omalizumab 150mg.

Omalizumab 150mg is prescribed for the treatment of chronic inflammatory airway disease caused by allergens and accompanied by suffocation, at a severe or intermediate stage of the course, if the therapy containing glucocorticosteroids is uncontrolled.
It is used for the reatment of persistent atopic bronchial asthma of moderate and severe course, the symptoms of which are not adequately controlled by the using of Glucocorticosteroids, in patients aged 12 years and older.

Dosing regimen of Omalizumab 150mg.

The remedy is entered subcutaneously. The dose and frequency of administration are determined based on the initial IgE concentration (IU / ml) measured before the start of treatment, as well as the patient’s body weight (kg). Depending on these parameters, the recommended dose of the remedy is from 150 to 300 mg once every 2 or 4 weeks. The dose should be adjusted for significant changes in body weight.

Additional usage of Omalizumab

Omalizumab, a drug against atopic bronchial asthma, helps patients with multiple food allergies. Employees of Stanford University have proved that the drug against atopic bronchial asthma helps patients suffering from multiple food allergies. They have already conducted the first phase of omalizumab clinical trials involving 25 volunteers.
As it turned out, Omalizumab accelerates the process of desensitization to food allergens during oral immunotherapy. At the same time, as a part of the tests, volunteers were tried to treat several allergens simultaneously (up to 5). In turn, the reception of omalizumab began eight weeks before the initiation of immunotherapy and lasted for the first eight weeks of therapy.
The immunotherapy itself was first performed with small doses of purified food allergens. Gradually, the dosage was increased until the sensitivity to four grams of each allergen was lost. On average, desensitization (loss of sensitivity) to food allergens against the background of Omalizumab occurred on the 18th week of the treatment. In addition, Omalizumab has fewer side effects than antihistamines. Now doctors and patients have safer treatment, which is well tolerated by patients. It can be prescribed even before attempting to use antihistamines having a high sedative effect.


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