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Indications of Palbociclib 125 mg.

Palbociclib is prescribed for therapy of HR-positive and HER2-negative locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer in combination with letrozole as an initial endocrine therapy in postmenopausal women; to women with signs of disease progression after hormonal therapy.

Contraindications of Palbociclib 125 mg.

Taking Palbociclib during pregnancy or the period of breastfeeding is possible only if the therapeutic benefit from treatment with the remedy exceeds the potential risk to the health of the mother and child.

Method of reception and dosage of Palbociclib 125 mg.

Treatment of Palbociclib should be prescribed and performed by a qualified specialist who has experience of therapy with antitumour agents.
Therapy with Palbociclib 125 mg is carried out a 28-day cycle. The recommended dose of the drug is 125 mg once a day for three weeks, followed by a one-week break. Tablets should be taken with food every day, at about the same time. Therapy of Palbociclib should continue until the patient responds to treatment or until it shows signs of unacceptable toxicity. With pronounced side effects, Palbociclib treatment may be discontinued or suspended. The decision to reduce the dosage is taken by the attending physician, taking into account the individual tolerability of the remedy.

Medicinal interaction of Palbociclib 125 mg.

The combined using of Palbociclib with certain remedies may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy or lead to the development of side effects. Therefore, tell your doctor about all the medicines that you take, including dietary supplements and vitamins. Do not start any medication without consulting your doctor.
Examples of remedies that affect the action of Palbociclib include: azoles (itraconazole, ketoconazole, etc.), carbamazepine, phenytoin, rifamycins (rifampicin, etc.). Patients treated with Palbociclib should not take St John’s wort (an herbal medicine designed to treat depression).
Today, doctors have the results that Palbociclib is effective in treating breast cancer, it can significantly slow the progression of cancer and increase life expectancy.

The drug is used in combination with letrozole as the first line of systemic therapy for metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women with a positive extractant (ER +) and with no overexpression to the epidermal growth factor receptor (negative HER 2-) breast cancer glands that have not previously received systemic therapy. Based on the results of clinical trials, this combination therapy doubled the time of tumor growth progression, and also received a good response to the drug in most patients. Palbociclib for the treatment of malignant breast tumors works as an inhibitor of molecules that stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2015, more than 320,000 malignant breast cancers were diagnosed in Europe alone, which in the past year caused the death of 40,000 patients.


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