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The damaging effect of Pemetrexed 500 on cancer cells is not the only effect of the remedy. Also, Pemetrexed does great harm to the cells of the bone marrow, has a number of contraindications and side effects. This explains the need for the using of the remedy only on the prescription of the doctor and under his direct supervision.

Basic information about Pemetrexed 500:

Form of issue:
for maximum preservation of structural integrity, biological activity, as well as extending the shelf life of the medicinal product is supplied as a lyophilizate in a glass bottle. This form of release provides convenient use.
The active substance is Pemetrexed.
Pharmacological group – antimetabolite, as Pemetrexed has a pronounced antitumour effect.
Dosage – 500 mg of active ingredient.

Indications for using:

cytotoxic properties of Pemetrexed cause indications for using, which are a rare disease of pleural mesothelioma and non-cell-cell non-small cell lung and bronchial carcinoma.

The main purpose:

the remedy is used for chemotherapy, which is designed to block the vital processes of each cancer cell. This leads not only to the cessation of development and metastasis, but also to the death of the tumor.

Composition and ingredients of the remedy Pemetrexed 500.

Structural formula of mannitol
Each pack of Pemetrexed contains only one vial of the remedy. The lyophilizate includes active and auxiliary substances.

Components of Pemetrexed 500:

Pemetrexed. The active substance is used in the disodium heptahydrate compound.
Mannitol. Carbohydrate-containing alcohol. It is used as a filler. It may have a slight anti-edema and diuretic remedy. Promotes the removal of excess fluid from the tissues into the vascular bed.

The composition of Pemetrexed is able to provide the maximum effectiveness of the active substance for more secure achievement of the desired results in the treatment of cancer.

Sodium chloride is not included in the complex, but is used to dilute the remedy immediately before the remedy is administered in order to bring it to the desired concentration of the active ingredient.


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