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Sildenafil 50mg chewable tablets by Sunrise Remedies

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Why should you buy Sildisoft 50?

This pharmaceutical product increase the men’s confidence, as it has no limits for use. The epic night of love is guaranteed if you take the drug 15 minutes before the supposed sexual act (you should put the pill under the tongue). The sexual stimulator also provides:

– stable erection;
– long pleasure;
– stimulating effect;
– health safety.

Regular and effective sex life, male power in its prime regardless of age – that’s more than possible due to Sildisoft 50.

Sildisoft 50: use and effect

The main feature of generic is that due to the special form of pills (for chewing or sucking), it starts acting almost immediately (they don’t require any time for digestion). Within 10–15 minutes, the drug provides the blood flow to the penis; in additional stimulation, you can achieve stable erection and maintain it for a long time, allowing the partners to relax and enjoy the process.

You can use the drug before or after the meal. Moreover, the drug can be mixed with a small amount of alcohol: a few glasses of wine or a pint of beer.

You should consult the doctor before buying Sildisoft 50, as it’s contraindicated for the men with heart, eye, blood and kidney diseases, and hypersensitivity to the drug components. Patients with penis deformation shouldn’t use sexual stimulator. The men aged over 65, should reduce the dose from 50 to 25 mg a day; younger men must take 50 mg, but to achieve the best result, you should take 100 mg a day.

The drug action lasts 4–5 hours, depending on the patient’s age and health state, after which it’s fully excreted from the body. It prevents the side effects, as the particles can’t settle on the stomach or intestinal walls. Sildisoft 50 can be used even by the patients with G.I. diseases without risking your life or health.


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