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Sorafenat 200mg belongs to the pharmacological group of antitumor agents. The active substance in this remedy is Sorafenib. Sorafenat 200mg is used in the treatment of metastatic kidney cancer, as well as hepatic cell carcinoma.
Even with metastatic disease, recovery is possible. The Bayer company developed the innovative remedy Sorafenat 200mg for treatment of your disease.

Mechanism of action

Sorafenib has the ability to block the activity of several enzymes belonging to the class of kinases, which are located both inside the tumor cells and on their surface. All these enzymes are necessary for the reproduction of malignant degenerated cells, as well as for the formation in the tumor of the vasculature that feeds it. Sorafenat 200mg suppresses the enzymatic activity, thereby inhibiting the processes of cell proliferation, and hence the growth of the neoplasm.

Protocol of application of Sorafenat 200mg

The standard daily dosage of Sorafenat 200mg is 800 mg, which are divided into two doses: in the morning and in the evening, 2 tablets each containing 200 mg of Sorafenib. The remedy is administered to the body between meals or at the same time, but the dishes should not contain a lot of fat. The tablets are washed down with a glass of water. Treatment with Sorafenat 200mg may be prolonged – it is used until the drug demonstrates clinical effectiveness, or until the patient develops serious complications. But in this case there is an opportunity to alleviate the symptoms by temporarily suspending Sorafenat 200mg intake or lowering its dosage to 200-400 mg.

Efficiency of using

The efficacy and safety of Sorafenat 200mg have been studied in three large-scale clinical trials. According to the data that were obtained in the end, the using of Sorafenat 200mg in 2 times increased the survival rate of patients without disease progression, and a pronounced clinical response to therapy was observed in more than 70% of patients.

Interaction with other remedies

Sorafenat 200mg should be used with caution at the same time with rifampicin, phenytoin, carbamazepine, phenobarbital, dexamethasone, and also with St. John’s wort preparations.

Sorafenat 200 mg is a modern anti-cancer drug that belongs to the group of multi-kinase inhibitors. Its active ingredient (Sorafenib) suppresses the growth of tumor. The medication is intended for the therapy of metastatic renal cell and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Researches have shown that Sorafenat can decrease the risks of disease development in patients with primary liver cancer or HCC. This medication is successfully used in many countries. Sorafenat 200mg can be used after a failure of interleukin or interferon-alpha therapy. Moreover, Sorafenat 200mg can be used as a first-line drug for inoperable renal cancer, and as a second-line drug for the treatment of non-clear renal cell carcinoma of the kidney.


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