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Stivarga 40 mg is a modern drug, successfully used by the oncologists all over the world. The data indicates that this drug gives the chance even to the patients that don’t have any other options of treatment. Stivarga 40 mg should be taken under close medical observation.
Mechanism of action
Mechanism of action of this drug is related to suppressing the activity of enzymes participating in the growth and replication of tumor tissue. Stivarga 40 mg (Regorafenib) belongs to the targeted drugs, as it targets the pathologically modified tissue without affecting the healthy cells. This property allows minimizing the frequency and expression of side effects.

Way of use

Stivarga 40 mg (Regorafenib) is released in pills and intended for the oral use. The standard dosage of the drug is 160 mg (or 4 pills) once a day after the meal (which should contain less than 30% of fats). Every cycle includes 21 day of treatment, followed by the week break. During the treatment with Stivarga 40 mg, you should strictly observe the treatment schedule by taking the drug at the same time each day. It is forbidden to chew the pill.

Effectiveness of use

Clinical trials of Stivarga 40 mg showed that its addition to the treatment increased the patient survival data by 20%. Besides, the use of Stivarga 40 mg tripled the frequency of response to the anti-cancer therapy (compared to the other treatment plans).

Stivarga is used for the treatment of colon cancer with metastases. The drug is usually prescribed to patients previously treated with other antitumoral drugs. Stivarga is usually used in conjunction with other drugs that have a different mechanism of action – this allows improving the results of treatment.

Stivarga belongs to a group of targeted drugs, since it acts on the pathologically changed tissue, practically without affecting healthy cells. This property helps to minimize the frequency and severity of side effects.

The effectiveness of Stivarga is confirmed by clinical studies that have revealed a significant increase in life expectancy and improvement of well-being in patients taking the drug in complex therapy of colon cancer.

Taking the drug, it must be taken into account that it can disrupt the coordination of movements and the reaction, so during the course of the therapy, you should avoid driving the car. During the treatment, and also about eight weeks after its completion, contraceptives should be used. If there are any negative symptoms during the reception of Stivarga, it is necessary to inform the doctor immediately about it.


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