Super P-Force Jelly

Sildenafil 100mg + Dapoxetine 60mg jelly sachets by Sunrise Remedies

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Super P-Force Jelly is a combination drug for the treatment of impotency in men.

The drug is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men of different age.

It increases the speed of arousal before sex.
The drug increases erection and prolongs the duration of sex.
It increases the amount of sexual energy during intimacy.

How does Super P-Force Jelly act?

Super P-Force Jelly combines two famous drugs– Viagra and Dapoxetine. Thus, its use provides the treatment of impotency and the obvious signs of spermatorrhea.

Sildenafil quickly increases the blood flow in the male genitalia, thereby providing the long stable erection in men over the age of 50.

At the same time, the active substance Dapoxetine removes high sensitivity of penis and relieves spasms during sex, thereby preventing the premature ejaculation.

This drug is available in the form of gel, which makes its use both pleasant and tasty. To restore erectile function, it is enough to take 1 bag half an hour before meeting your beloved, and the result will exceed your expectations.

So, let’s consider all the advantages of Super P-Force Jelly. Firstly, the jelly starts acting faster compared to the pills. This is because Super P-Force Jelly starts absorbing into the body already in the mouth cavity. The unquestionable advantage of Super P-Force Jelly is that it is much easier to take than the other similar drug. You don’t have to take this drug with water, which can’t be avoided if you use pills.

But don’t forget that if you suffer from the cardiovascular diseases (or if you’ve recently had heart attack or stroke), you should consult the specialist before taking Super P-Force Jelly. Additional contraindication is allergic reaction to the active substance.


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