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tadarise 20 mg sunrise

Generic Name:Tadalafil
Brand Name:Cialis
Indian Brand:Tadarise
Manufacturer:Sunrise Remedies
Dosage:20 mg
Packaging:Blister Pack of 10 Tablets
Delivery Time:7 — 21 Days

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Tadarise 20 mg is considered to be the most popular generic Cialis in history. Just like the basic prototype, it is based on Tadalafil – one of the best active substances for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The name Tadarise is an abbreviation, formed from the words “Tadalafil” and “Sunrise” – the first part of the name of the manufacturer of the drug of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India Sunrise Remedies. It should be noted immediately that such a famous manufacturer is already a guarantee of high quality, but the drug itself also has something to brag about.

Where to buy Tadarise

Tadarise can be quickly purchased at low price through accredited Sunrise Remedies’ dealers like MedexMd. Our company sells high quality medicines and guarantees prompt worldwide delivery with 5-star service. Buying Tadarise through MedexMd brings savings of up to 70% on purchase and further reorders.

Principle of operation

45 minutes after taking the drug, the main active substance of the drug Tadarise enters the blood. On the bloodstream, it is distributed throughout the body and begins to suppress special enzymes, which are mostly distributed in the genital area. Enzymes, which we are talking about, are called PDE-5 and it is their vasoconstrictor activity that is responsible for the lack of erection in men. After their suppression, the vasculature of the genital organs opens wide, and a penis filled with blood reports about it by a pulsating erection.

Tadarise dilates the vessels of all genital organs, not just the penis. It is thanks to this feature that the drug not only strengthens the erection, but also enhances the pleasure from orgasm.

What are its features?

The first and most important advantage of Tadarise is its time of work. Taking just one tablet of this drug, you will receive erectile dope up to 36 hours. This is an absolute record, as generics Viagra, Levitra and Stendra, even taken together will not give such a duration – each of them works up to 6 hours maximum.

The second most important is the best indicator of all Tadalafil and Tadarise 20 mg in particular for the so-called therapeutic effect. This means that if you take it in course for a certain amount of time, then after it your erection will become self-sufficient, that is, it will appear itself, without drug support. The third indicator by which the drug in question outperforms its competitors is the speed of action. Buy Tadarise 20 mg is good idea at least because it is 15-30 minutes faster than Viagra and Levitra.

When taking Tadarise, be careful!

Despite all the advantages of Tadarise 20 mg, like any drug, has drawbacks in the form of contraindications and side effects. So before you buy Tadarise 20 mg, be sure to consult your urologist. Also, be careful when choosing a dosage. 20 mg of Tadarise will be suitable only for experienced users of potency regulators or for men whose weight exceeds 80 kg. If you are not in this category, it is better to start taking with 10 mg, and in cases with the initial stage of erectile dysfunction, in general, with 5 mg.

In addition to the above limitations, when taking medications on the basis of Tadalafil, you can’t also abuse alcohol. One glass of wine is the allowed maximum. If you violate this requirement, as the level of alcohol in the blood increases, the risk of serious diseases associated with increased cardiovascular load will increase. The most common of these are heart attack and stroke. For the same reasons, the maximum daily dosage should not be exceeded.


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