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Tadarise 5 contains a quarter of the standard twenty-milligram dosage of Tadalafil per tablet. This is the second largest dosage from the end, since only Tadarise 2.5 mg is less. 5 mg of Tadalafil can be used for people with hypersensitivity to the drug, when dosages of 20 mg become many. Also, a dosage of 5 mg excellently serves daily reception in course treatment, providing the convenience of administration. The drug does not break the habitual rhythm of life, and even unplanned sex will bring you and your partner a lot of positive emotions.

The effect of Tadarise 5 does not decrease from supper in the restaurant and a small amount of wine, so your increased abilities are always ready. In addition to a powerful erection, you can also prolong sexual intercourse several times by combining Tadarise 5 with Dapoxetine or get a similar effect from the combined drug – Super Tadarise. However, remember that it is strictly not recommended to drink alcohol when you taking products containing Tadalafil and Dapoxetine.


Before buying tablets Tadarise 5, check out the list of contraindications:
hereditary or traumatic curvature of the penis;
retinitis pigmentosa;
severe atherosclerosis;
kidney and liver diseases;
Alzheimer’s disease.
In extremely rare cases, there is a hypersensitivity to Tadalafil. In this case, you need to reduce the dosage of Tadarise 5.

Side effects

Tadarise 5 is characterized by a high level of safety. But like any medicine, it can sometimes cause side effects:
back pain;
stomach upset;
face redness.
All side effects are temporary and do not have harmful effects. If the medicine Tadarise 5 was used according to the instructions for use, they disappear within a few hours.


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