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Tadalafil 20mg and 40mg sublingual tablets by Sunrise Remedies

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Generic Name:Tadalafil
Brand Name:Cialis
Indian Brand:Tadarise pro
Manufacturer:Sunrise Remedies
Dosage:20 mg / 40 mg
Packaging:Blister Pack of 10 Tablets
Delivery Time:7 — 21 Days

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Tadarise Pro is a drug of a new generation, which acts as a mean to enhance male potency. It is an analogue of such a drug as “Cialis”. However, the cost of the pills is much lower than the original. In addition, their reception is only a pleasure. All you need is to put the pill under your tongue and dissolve until completely dissolved.

Where to buy Tadarise Pro

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Tadarise Pro is one of the most powerful drugs for raising potency. It is intended for resorption in the mouth. Therefore, it can be taken by men suffering from stomach diseases. A special form of the drug helps the active substance to quickly assimilate and begin to act. The drug restores the natural mechanism of excitation of the reproductive system. Without sexual stimulation, an erection does not occur.


The drug Tadarise Pro is prescribed for the treatment of weakened erection, impotency, and benign prostatic hyperplasia. The drug helps to solve only the problem associated with erectile dysfunction. It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.


The active component of Tadarise Pro is Tadalafil. This substance increases blood circulation and has a vasodilating effect. The special form of tablets makes it possible to accelerate the appearance of the effect.


Pleasant taste. The drug Tadarise Pro has a pleasant fruit taste and smell. Tablets need to be dissolved under the tongue. There are many small blood capillaries under the skin. Therefore, the active substance gets into the blood very quickly, bypassing the stomach.

The optimal dose. Each pill of Tadarise Pro contains 20 mg of Tadalafil. For most men, this dosage is optimal.

Ability to drink alcohol. Tadalafil does not interact with alcohol. This allows you to use the drug in a variety of conditions, including night clubs, restaurants, and private parties.

Tadarise Pro meets modern standards of efficiency and safety.
Take 1 pill of Tadarise Pro 25-40 minutes before the planned intimate proximity. The pill should be placed under the tongue and dissolved completely. It is allowed to consume no more than 1 pill per day. If the drug for raising potency is used for the first time, it is best to start with 1⁄2 of a pill (10 mg). Abundance and fat content of food doesn’t affect the drug’s action. When taking medicine, you can use alcohol drinks in small quantities. The drug is effective for 24-36 hours.


The drug Tadarise Pro is contraindicated in:

– severe arrhythmia;
– angina pectoris;
– hepatic insufficiency;
– hypotension or hypertension;
– hemophilia;
– Peyronie’s disease.

Sometimes there is intolerance to Tadalafil. In this case, you need to switch to a lower dose of the drug.

Side effects

After taking Tadarise Pro-20 in rare cases, light side effects may occur:

– headache;
– nausea;
– diarrhea;
– cardiopalmus;
– flushed face;
– back pain.

Undesirable reactions are temporary and disappear within a few hours.


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