Tadasoft 20

Tadalafil 20mg chewable tablets by Sunrise

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Each tablet of Tadasoft 20 contains of 20 mg of the active component of Tadalafil. Tablets are available in the form of a dragee, which involves sublingual using. Pretty taste and convenient way of using Tadasoft 20 put it on the pedestal of the primacy of drugs against impotence.

Tadasoft 20 in this regard is also convenient because it is not always possible to take a pill. With Tadasoft 20 – this condition is completely unnecessary, it is enough to chew the tablet or to dissolve, and then it remains only to wait for the beginning of the drug, which is usually observed after 30 minutes. In this case, Tadasoft 20 can be combined with a small amount of alcohol and fatty foods, as food does not affect the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of Tadalafil.

Instruction for Tadasoft 20:
Take the tablet every 36 hours, since the drug has a long-lasting effect. During this time, while the drug works, it is not recommended to do repeated receptions. It is strictly forbidden to take more than 20 mg of active substance at a time – this will increase the risk of side effects. It is recommended to place the tablet under the tongue and slowly dissolve until completely dissolved. The onset of drug exposure is felt after 30-40 minutes, so the tablet should be taken in advance. The duration of action of the drug is 36 hours. Tadasoft 20 is compatible with alcohol. The recommended initial dose from which the patient should be repelled should not exceed half a tablet or 10 mg. If the effect is unsatisfactory, the dose should be increased to the whole tablet. It is possible to take no more than 20 mg of Tadalafil during the day. Increasing the dose above this limit significantly increases the risk of side effects. The dose adjustment is not required for older men


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