Temodal 20mg


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Indications for use of Temodal 20mg

Multiform glioblastoma, revealed for the first time (combined treatment with radiation therapy and further adjuvant monotherapy); malignant glioma that arose during progression or recurrence of the disease after standard therapy (multiform glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma); malignant common melanoma with metastases (Temodal is a first-line drug).


Expressed myelosuppression; glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome, lactase enzyme deficiency or galactose intolerance (for capsules); pregnancy; lactation; children under 3 years of age (with relapse or progression of malignant glioma); age up to 18 years (with malignant melanoma or multiforme glioblastoma, revealed for the first time); increased individual sensitivity to any of the components and/or dacarbazine. Temodal is prescribed with caution to patients with severe renal and / or hepatic insufficiency, as well as to persons older than 70 years.

Method and dosage

Capsules are intended for oral reception, on an empty stomach. They cannot be chewed or opened, and should be swallowed as a whole with a glass of water. A single dose of Temodal should contain the minimum possible number of capsules. If you want to prepare a solution for infusion, you should add 41 ml of water for injection to the bottle with lyophilizate. The concentration of the active substance in the reduced solution is 2.5 mg/ml. The prepared solution for infusion is valid for 14 hours (including the time required for reception of the drug). Temodal solution is intended for intravenous administration, infusion duration is 90 minutes. An isotonic sodium chloride solution can be used as a secondary solvent. Temodal 20mg should not be confused with a dextrose solution.
If you have multiform glioblastoma, revealed for the first time, primary treatment with the drug is carried out in combination with radiation therapy. Temodal is taken at a dose of 75 mg / m2 of body surface. The drug is taken daily for 42 days. It is not recommended to reduce the dose, but treatment may be intermittent, depending on the tolerance of temozolomid. You can resume treatment throughout the cycle, up to 49 days. The therapy must meet the following conditions: the absolute quantity of neutrophils is at least 1500/µl, the absolute quantity of platelets is at least 100 000/µl, common toxicity criteria – not above the 1st degree. During the treatment with the drug, it is necessary to take blood for analysis every week in order to calculate the number of cells. Based on the results, the doctor reduces the dose of Temodal 20mg or cancels it.


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