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Temodar-20mg is a new alkylating cytostatic remedy of the second generation, belonging to the class of imidazotetrazines. Temodal is the first remedy registered for the treatment of malignant brain tumors in the last 20 years.

The mechanism of action of the Temodar is the methylation of DNA, which leads to the destruction of tumor cells. The advantage of Temodar is its ability to spontaneously convert into an active metabolite without additional activation in the liver.

Pharmacologic effect of the remedy

Temodar, an imidazotetrazine derivative, is an alkylating agent with high antitumor activity. Temozolomide itself is not active, but after entering the bloodstream (at physiological pH values), it undergoes active chemical conversion to the reactive substance – monomethyl triazeno imidazole carboxamide (MTIC). It is believed that the antitumor activity (cytotoxicity) of MTIC is mainly due to the alkylation of guanine in DNA at the position of O6 and additional alkylation at the position of N7. Cytotoxic damage, which develops later, is presumably associated with aberrant reduction of the methyl residue.

Composition of Temodar-20mg

Each capsule of Temodar contains 20 mg of the active substance temozolomid.


Temodar-20mg has an active penetrating ability. From the majority of antineoplastic agents, it is distinguished by the ability of penetration through the blood-brain barrier, which makes it an effective tool in the treatment of brain tumors.

The Temodar-20mg is applied:

for the treatment of newly diagnosed multiform glioblastoma in combination with radiotherapy, and also as a follow-up supplementary monotherapy;
for the treatment of malignant gliomas (multiform glioblastoma or anaplastic astrocytoma) in a progressive and recurrent form;
for the treatment of metastatic melanoma as a first-line anticancer agent.

Dosage and route of administration

The daily dosage of the remedy Temodar 20mg is calculated by the doctor taking into account the specific disease and body weight of the patient. The remedy should be taken without chewing and washed down with a glass of water. Taking the remedy on an empty stomach or before going to bed helps to reduce nausea. If the patient is prescribed other medicines, they must be taken 30 minutes before taking Temodar. Temodar treatment involves several cycles in the most cases.


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