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Tenvir-EM includes two active antiviral substances Tenofovir (300 mg) and Emtricitabine (200 mg). The medication is licensed and approved by doctors around the world to cure the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They also recommend using it for patients with AIDS in the early stages. Thanks to the active antiviral components Tenofovir and Emtricitabine, getting into the patient’s body Tenvir-EM begins to withstand the virus, reducing the quantitative value of the infected cells and hampering the future development and replication of the microbe in the body of the infected person. Research and laboratory testing have shown its positive impact and a positive response to treatment, however it is recommended to buy and use Truvada analogue only after diagnosis and taking necessary analyzes and examinations for infectious disease doctors.

Studies conducted in the United States found that Tenvir EM is an effective drug for HIV prevention. Participants in the study were 2500 volunteers who were at risk for this disease. By the end of the trial, the number of HIV-infected people in the group taking Tenvir EM was 43.8% lower than in the placebo group. Among those who steadfastly adhered to the Tenvir EM treatment, the risk was lower by 73%.
The drug inhibits the development of HIV and hepatitis B virus.

Recommendations for the use of Tenvir-EM:

The medication should be applied orally (by swallowing the pill) preferably on an empty stomach, washed down with ordinary fresh water. The standard and recommended dosage of the pharmaceutical product is 1 pill per day. Adjustment is possible only by the doctor, based on your personal data of examination for diseases of the kidneys, liver or adrenal glands. Proceeding from this it is necessary to be sure of the diagnosis, and accordingly to apply the medicinal product is necessary only with the instruction of the attending physician, and not engage in self-medication.

Reception of Tenvir-EM does not prevent the risk of HIV transmission. When appointing tenofovir in combination with drugs that affect the function of the kidneys, you should be careful.

Before starting therapy, the patient should be screened for chronic hepatitis B, since chronic infection with the hepatitis B virus does not recommend the use of Tenvir EM. It is necessary to monitor the status of patients with HIV and hepatitis B for several months after the end of Tenvir-EM reception.

Against the background of the use of Tenvir EM, the patient can develop renal failure, including acute, as well as Fanconi syndrome, increasing the level of creatine kinase.


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