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Tykerb 250 mg is anti-tumor drug. Its active substance is Lapatinib. Tykerb is a selective inhibitor that destroys intracellular tyrosine-specific protein kinases, connecting to certain receptors. The density of Lapatinib in blood can be detected in about four hours after the first intake. Lapatinib is effective both as an individual drug and in combination with the other drugs (for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer). Women with disseminated breast cancer are usually prescribed Lapatinib and Capecitabin. Such combination prevents the exacerbation of disease and significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

Doctors can use Tykerb 250 mg for the treatment of patients with certain stages of breast cancer. This drug forms a part of combination treatment and is formally approved by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Results of the study demonstrated the high effectiveness of the drug in combination with some anti-cancer drugs. Its impact is based on penetrating into the infected cells and affecting them at the level of genetics. It allows you to block the affected cells. Tykerb is unique in that it defeats the tumor cells without affecting the healthy ones.

Prescription of Tykerb 250 mg and treatment of cancer must be conducted by the qualified specialist, experienced in anti-cancer therapy, as the treatment of malignant tumor requires medical supervision. Before starting the treatment, you should take a test to assess HER2 mutation status. Then you should determine the percentage of blood volume, thrown by the left ventricle of the heart. Such procedure must be conducted also during the treatment to prevent its fall below the standard ratios.

Side reactions

You should stop the treatment or reduce the dosage of Tykerb 250 mg, if you notice the following negative symptoms: irregular heart rhythm, sings of pneumonia, runny stools, sickness and vomiting.
Some patients suffer from skin rash and itching, nasal bleeding, weakness and fatigue. These manifestations are rare, but you should always remember that if they appear, you should immediately contact your physician and explain what’s bothering you.


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