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Vidaza is a therapeutic antitumor drug from the group of antimetabolites. Its active substance is azacitidine.
It simultaneously acts on the DNA and RNA molecules of diseased cells, without affecting healthy molecules. Under the influence of Azacitidine, tumor growth of cancer cells stops and is suppressed.

The antitumor effect of azacitidine is due to various mechanisms of action at the intracellular level.

Mechanism of action.

The antitumor effect of Vidaza-100 is due to a number of pharmacological actions that it has on pathologically altered bone marrow cells. Among these effects, one can distinguish the direct cytotoxicity caused by the ability of azacitidine to suppress the processes of the synthesis of nucleic acids, damage to existing DNA strands and the destruction of cellular proteins. Due to this, the using of Vidaza leads to inhibition of the proliferation of tumor cells and their destruction.

The protocol of using of the remedy.

Vidaza-100 is applied subcutaneously in the shoulder, thigh or abdomen with a constant change in the injection area of at least 2.5 cm from the previous one. The standard initial dosage of the remedy is 75 mg per 1 m2 of the body area of the patient, which is administered every day for 7 days, followed by a three-week break. In total, such cycles should be held at least 6 pieces. In the future, therapy continues until it demonstrates a clinical effect.

Efficiency of application of Vidaza-100.

The efficacy and safety of azacitidine was tested in a large-scale clinical trial. In its course, the remedy showed pronounced positive results for almost all criteria. Statistically reliable information was collected indicating that Vidaza-100 significantly exceeds traditional leukemia therapy regimens for increasing the life expectancy of patients, as well as the frequency of responses to treatment.


allergic reactions to azacitidine or any other substances that make up Vidaza-100;
a large number of metastases in the hepatic tissue;
pregnancy and breast-feeding;
patient’s age is less than 18 years.

Clinical efficacy and safety of Vidaza 100 mg has been confirmed by numerous research results. In patients with myelodysplastic syndrome, chronic myelomonocytic leukemia and acute myelogenous leukemia, Vidaza therapy was superior to modern conventional therapy in all criteria of effectiveness, including life expectancy and the overall response rate.

Treatment with Vidaza should be performed under the supervision of a doctor who has experience in the use of antitumor drugs. Vaidasa is a cytotoxic drug, which, like other toxic substances, should be handled with care.


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