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Indications for taking Xeloda 500mg.

Xeloda 500mg is used for treatment of patients with metastatic or locally advanced breast cancer (in combination with docetaxel after an ineffective chemotherapy course involving anthracycline-based remedies).
Xeloda 500mg is prescribed to patients with locally advanced and metastatic breast cancer after an ineffective chemotherapy course that included anthracycline remedies and taxanes, and if the patient has contraindications to anthracyclines.
Xeloda 500mg is used in adjuvant therapy of colon cancer.
Xeloda 500mg is a first-line remedy in the treatment of colorectal cancer with metastases and a common cancer of the stomach and esophagus.

How to use Xeloda 500mg.

Xeloda tablets are taken orally. It is necessary to take the pill no later than 30 minutes after eating. The duration of therapy and the scheme of taking Xeloda 500mg are determined by the doctor.
In monotherapy, usually prescribed daily dose of Capecitabine at a rate of 2500 mg / square meter of the body surface. The remedy should be taken in the form of cycles lasting 3 weeks: daily intake of a daily dose for 2 weeks, 7 days off. The daily dose is recommended to be divided into 2 divided doses.
In combination therapy with docetaxel, usually administered Capecitabine at a dose of 1250 mg / square meter body surface twice a day. In such a dosage, Xeloda 500mg is taken for 2 weeks, after which 7 days are interrupted in combination with docetaxel (75 mg / square meter of body surface every 3 weeks). Premedication is carried out in accordance with the instructions to docetaxel.
Correction of the dose of Xeloda 500mg during therapy:
Toxic effects of the remedy can be eliminated by prescribing symptomatic therapy or by adjusting the dose of the active substance.
The dosage is not corrected with toxicity of the first degree of severity. With toxicity of the second and third degree of severity, the Xeloda 500mg remedy is discontinued and after the disappearance of toxic effects, therapy is continued at the same dose or lowering the dose of Capecitabine.
With toxicity of the fourth degree of severity, taking Xeloda 500mg is stopped until the symptomatology is reduced and treatment is resumed, reducing the dose of Capecitabine by 2 times.
The doctor evaluates the severity of toxicity. Correction of the dose should be carried out under the supervision of an oncologist.


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