Zyclara 3.75% cream


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Imiquimod is intended for the treatment of actinic keratosis (light-induced skin lesions). This state is caused by the damage from sun exposure. The treatment of this disease can reduce the risk of severe complications. Zyclara 3,75% Cream is also intended for the treatment of genital warts. This drugs falls into the group of biological response modifiers. Imiquimod acts by boosting your immune system to defeat the above-mentioned skin problems.

The drug shouldn’t be used by kids under the age of 12 (without specific prescriptions from your doctor).

How to apply Zyclara 3,75% Cream

Read the drug instructions carefully before starting the treatment with Imiquimod. If you have any questions, contact your physician.

Apply the drug only on your skin. Use the medication once a day (or according to your doctor’s prescriptions). The frequency of use depends on the severity of your skin disease. For the treatment of AK, use the drug once a day for 14 days. After that, take a 2-week break from Imiquimod. After that, you should restart the treatment. Apply the drug once a day for another 14 days. For the treatment of genital warts, apply the medication once a day for about 2 months.

Avoid applying this drug to the mouth, eyes, nose or vaginal area. If you did it, wash the drug from those areas with large quantities of water. In case of irritation, contact your physician at once.

If you’re using the pump, prime the pump as directed before applying the medication. If you prefer packets, use a new one for every application. Never use the packet twice.

Use this drug on a regular basis to get the greatest benefits from it. To avoid skipping the dose, use it every day at the same time. Before using the drug, wash your hands and the affected skin area carefully, and let them dry. Use the drug before sleep. Always wash your hands after each use. Avoid covering the treated skin part. Leave the medication on for a night. When you wake up, wash the affected skin part carefully to remove the medication. Never change the drug dose or take the drug longer than necessary, as it can cause serious complications.
Adverse effects

Zyclara 3,75% Cream therapy can cause redness, itchiness, face swelling, burning, painful feelings, thickening/hardening of the skin, peeling. Moreover, color of your skin can change. If any of the above-mentioned side effects remain or gets worse, inform your physician as soon as possible.

If the skin response is serious (hemorrhage, appearance of blisters or sores), you should stop the treatment and wait until the skin is healed. Always follow the prescriptions of your physician.

Head pain, lack of appetite, vertigo, diarrhea, sickness, backache, and influenza symptoms (like fever, weakness and muscle pain) may happen as well. If any of these side reactions remain or get worse, inform your physician as soon as possible.


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