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Avana 100mg is an innovative remedy from the well-known Indian manufacturer Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. which holds leading positions all over the world. The product is designed to eliminate erectile dysfunction. The action of Avanafil is as follows: the active components get into the blood stream and improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. This helps to relax the muscles of the penis, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the work of the sexual system as a whole: erection becomes more stable, there is an increase in the length and volume of the penis, the duration of sexual intercourse increases.
The main active component of the drug is Avanafil, which is designed to solve a large range of male sexual problems.

How to take Avana 100?

Avana 100 should be taken within 15-25 minutes before the planned sexual contact. The active ingredients remain active for 6 hours. It is not recommended to take more than one pill per day, even taking into account the fact that this is the only drug that can be taken several times a day. Otherwise, it may cause a number of side effects such as headache, redness of the face, stuffiness in the ears, etc.

Contraindications of Avana 100

Special attention should be paid to contraindications. The product should not be used by persons who have serious diseases of liver, kidneys and heart, as well as individual intolerance, serious diseases of the retina, priapism. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to take this drug to minors and women.

After taking Avanafil you should not pursue side effects, as they are most often manifested in case of overdose. For example, if the body is supersaturated with an active substance, it can manifest headache, dry mouth, nasal congestion, back pain, as well as redness of the skin and abundant sweat.

When you use Avana 100mg for the first time, the recommended dosage is 50 -100 mg and the minimum dosage is 25 mg (the maximum daily dose is 200 mg. Such doses are taken only by prescription)


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