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Before Axitinib 5 mg is purchased, it is necessary to get the doctor’s consultation, since the remedy can be taken solely for the purpose of a specialist. The optimal dosage is 5 mg twice a day. Before taking medication, you need to take a break about 12 hours. The most suitable option is taking the medication in the morning and in the evening.

Treatment with Axitinib is long enough. As a rule, therapy continues until the patient has any positive effect, or until he develops a severe form of toxicity with a large number of side effects.

If the patient normally tolerates the established dosage, then in the future, after two weeks at normal arterial pressure, you can increase the dose to 7 mg per day. If the given amount of the patient’s body is also perceived normally, you can still increase the dosage, up to 10 mg per day, twice a day.
Especially cautious should be selected dosage for patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency. If the disease is present in mild form, then correction of the treatment regimen is not required. If the ailments are developed in medium or severe form, then the dosage should be reduced by half.

Who is prohibited from using the remedy?

In the network today you can find about the remedy Axitinib 5 mg reviews of patients. Most of the opinions are positive, however, there are also some comments. For example, one of them concerns contraindications. Do not take medicine:
Patients who are intolerant of one of the components.
People suffering from impaired liver function in severe form.
In the event that during the past year the patient suffered from arterial thromboembolism.
If there is a venous thromboembolism in the history of the disease in the last six months.
In the presence of metastases in the brain.
In the presence of bleeding in the digestive tract, or after its transfer.
In a state of pregnancy or during breastfeeding.
At the age of 18 years.

What will happen in case of an overdose?

In general, about the remedy Axitinib 5 mg reviews say that the remedy is easily tolerated by the body. However, it should be remembered that in the event of an overdose, some negative consequences may occur. Overdose may occur after the application of the remedy in an amount of 20 mg twice a day for the third day. There were cases when, with such a regimen, patients had dizziness, increased blood pressure and related symptoms, and fatal hemoptysis.

If there is a suspicion of an overdose, stop taking the medication. It is best to contact your doctor right away. During therapy with remedy Axitinib, you should pay attention to any manifestations, since the remedy can cause side effects.


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