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The methods of action on thyroid cancer may differ, however, among all drugs having a pronounced antitumor effect, it is necessary to mention Caprelsa remedy separately.

It significantly reduces external manifestations of the pathological process, reduces soreness in the shortest possible time and can be used in complex therapy, which is especially important with a large prevalence of the tumor.

The composition of the drug is due to its high degree of effectiveness, and this very quality should be considered fundamental when choosing agents with anti-cancer effect. After all, with the help of Caprelsa it becomes possible to reduce both the area of the lesion and reduce the likelihood of rapid spread of the tumor process.

At the same time, the absence of negative effects on healthy tissues helps to preserve their health and reduce the number of negative manifestations when taking the drug.

Mechanism of action.
Vandetanib- the main ingredient of the drug- inhibits the activity of tyrosine kinase, necessary for the functioning of the growth factor receptor of tumoral vessels. Thus, Caprelsa 300 mg suppresses the growth of vascular endothelium and has a direct cytotoxic effect on its cells, which impedes the tumor growth.

Way of use.

Caprelsa 300 mg comes in the form of pills and intended for the oral intake. Standard drug dosage is 300 mg once a day, irrespective of the mealtime. The pill can be dissolved in the non-aerated potable water. Another way of taking Caprelsa is a suspension, introduced by means of gastrotomy or an N.G. tube. Usually, the treatment with Vandetanib is long and must continue until the patient notices the clinical effect from the drug use.

Effectiveness of use.

Effectiveness of Caprelsa 300 mg was examined during the large-scale clinical trial. According to the information received, Vandetanib statistically increased the survival rate of patients without the progress in pathology. The drug had a high frequency of clinical responses and improved the life quality of the patients with medullary thyroid cancer.


allergic reactions to Vandetanib and any other components of Caprelsa 300 mg;
QT interval of more than 480 ms on the EKG;
pregnancy and lactation;
age under 18;
pronounced kidney/liver dysfunction.


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