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The drug Vandetanib 300 mg is a tablet preparation based on a protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor Vandetanib. This is the main active substance with antitumor activity that can influence a number of intracellular reactions in endothelial cells.

Application of the drug

Vandetanib 300 mg is prescribed with some oncopathologies. This is due to the peculiarities of the main active substance Vandetanib mechanisms of action. The manufacturer clearly indicated the conditions under which this drug should be used. These are the following types of thyroid cancer:
Locally unresectable form.
Metastatic medular form.

The purpose of the drug occurs depending on the stage and type of the disease, as well as taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body (concomitant diseases, etc.). That is why self-medication is unacceptable, and the medicine can be prescribed exclusively by the doctor on the basis of the results of the patient’s examination.

How to take medicine?

To the remedy Vandetanib 300 mg instructions for using dictate fairly simple conditions for taking the medicine. The optimal dosage of medication for taking a day is 300 mg. This dosage corresponds to one tablet. The remedy is also available in a dosage of 100 mg in one tablet, in which case you will need to drink three tablets at a time. You can take the medicine at any time, no matter when the patient ate. Tablets can be swallowed by washing with water, or dissolved in 50 ml of still water. In this case, the tablet should be lowered into water and stirred until it is completely dissolved. You cannot disintegrate the medicine, it will take about ten minutes. Then, after dissolving the remedy, you must immediately drink the resulting suspension. It is also recommended to pour into the glass the same amount of water, after washing the walls of the container, after which the resulting liquid, too, to drink.

Also, the instruction to the remedy Vandetanib 300 mg recommends taking medicine as long as there is any positive result from using the remedy in the patient. The remedy should be strictly controlled by a doctor. Any changes in dosage or treatment regimens should be made only by an experienced oncologist. If, for some reason, the planned taking of the medication has been missed, the next application should be exactly at the time prescribed in the therapy regimen.
In the event that the remedy Vandetanib 300 mg causes side effects in the patient, or if the specialist has discovered the development of third-degree toxicity in the patient, the medication should be suspended for a while. In no case can you stop using the remedy on your own.

In diagnosed thyroid cancer, various methods of medicinal action are used, but among all antitumor agents, it is especially important to allocate Vandetanib 300 mg, a drug capable to slow the growth of malignant neoplasms at any stage of their development for a short time. According to the researchers, the composition of Vandetanib 300 mg is the most balanced in terms of the number and mass fraction of components. And this makes it possible to maximize the potential of the active substance providing the effectiveness of the drug. It suppresses the formation of blood vessels that feed the tumor, slows its growth and the development of metastases, which allows you to control pathological processes of any severity.


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