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Indications for use

Dasatinib 70mg is generally prescribed in the following cases:
Myeloid leukemia in chronic phase or at the stage of acceleration; In addition, indications for use of the drug are lymphoid or myeloid blast crisis in cases where the body has not given a clinical response, including imatinib, or if the patient has intolerance to other drugs.
It is used also in the presence of lymphoblastic leukemia in acute form with a positive Philadelphia chromosome. Dasatinib is also prescribed in case of intolerance to components of other drugs or immunity to the previous therapy regimens.

Protocol of reception of Dasatinib 70mg.

The dosage of the drug is selected for each patient individually, depending on the disease, as well as the characteristics of the perception of the drug by the body. For example, if you have chronic myeloid leukemia, the daily dose of the drug is 100 mg. The pills are taken once a day, regardless of meal.
In other cases, the recommended dosage is 70 mg twice daily. The pills should be taken in the morning and evening with meals. If no result is observed when using such a scheme, you should start taking the drug once a day with a dose 140 mg, or twice a day with a dose100 mg.
Only your attending physician can adjust the dosage after the research. It is recommended to correlate the dose of the drug with the volume of neutrophils in the blood.

Side effects of Dasatinib 70mg

It should be noted the reviews of patients about Dasatinib are predominantly positive, however, despite this, they often describe such side effects:
disorders in the digestive system; For example, there are often diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, gastritis, inflammation of the mucous membranes, colitis, abdominal pain;
Problems on the skin, as well as in subcutaneous tissue, for example, different kinds of rashes, fluid retention or pigmentation changes;
Disorders of the respiratory system;
Problems with the hematopoietic system, for example, anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, etc;
Disturbances of functioning of heart and vascular system;
Despite the presence of an impressive list of side effects, there are still positive reviews about Dasatinib from experts because the drug has proven its effectiveness in clinical trials, as well as in practice.


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