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Doribax 500 mg belongs to the group of antibiotics. This drug acts by destroying various kinds of bacteria (germs), which trigger infections in different body parts.

Doribax is intended for the treatment of above-mentioned infections:

Pneumonia (severe lung infection) that you get in a clinic or nursing home (which is called healthcare-associated pneumonia).
Severe intra-abdominal infections.
Severe UTIs (including pyelonephritis) and infections that have entered the bloodstream.

How to use

The drug is administered in the form of intravenous injection, usually three times a day. It must be injected gradually for about an hour. The dose and duration of treatment depends on your health state and reaction to the therapy.
To achieve better effect, take the medication at the same time of the day. Keep using this drug until the end of course, even if the signs of disease go away after several days.


Do not apply if the patient has an increased sensitivity (allergy) to one of the components that make up the drug.

Incidentally, it is contraindicated if the patient has previously had anaphylactic reactions to beta-lactam antibiotics.

Simultaneous administration of Doribax 500 mg with probenecid can reduce the level of valproic acid in the serum, therefore it is not recommended to use Doribax 500 mg with this drug at the same time.


Before starting the treatment, inform your physician if you have allergy to Doribax or to penicillins, cephalosporins, carbapenems or any other substances. This medication may contain auxiliary components, which can cause allergic response or other complications. Ask your doctor for additional information. Before taking this drug, tell your physician if you have the following diseases: kidney problems, fits, stroke. Doribax 500 mg can decline the effect of live bacterial vaccines (for example, typhoid vaccine). Avoid having any vaccinations while using this drug, unless it’s really necessary. Kidney function declines as you grow older. This drug is excreted through the kidneys. Thus, older patients may be at increased risk of adverse effects during the treatment with Doribax. Pregnant women should use this drug only when clearly required. Discuss the risks and advantages with your physician. It is unknown whether this drug can get into breast milk. Consult your physician before lactating.


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