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Doripenem 500 mg is intended for the treatment of various bacterial infections. This drug belongs to the group of carbapenem-type antibiotic. It acts by impeding the growth of bacteria.
Way of use

This drug is administered by intravenous injection, generally once in eight hours. It must be injected gradually for about an hour. The dose and duration of treatment depends on your health state and reaction to the therapy.

Consult the doctor before using the medication at home. Before starting the treatment, make sure that the drug looks as necessary. If it contains any particles, don’t use the medication. Find out how to store and discharge the medications safely.

To achieve the desired effect, use the drug at the same time of the day.

Keep using this drug until you’re cured, even if the signs of diseases disappear after several days. Ending the treatment too soon may allow bacteria to keep growing, which can lead to a return of the infection.
Doripenem is intended for the treatment of severe urinary tract kidney, and gastrointestinal infections, triggered by bacteria. Doripenem 500 mg is not approved by FDA for the treatment of lung infection. Doripenem belongs to the group of drugs called carbapenem antibiotics. It acts by destroying bacteria.

Antibiotics like Doripenem 500 mg aren’t intended for the treatment of colds, influenza or other virus infections. Using antibiotics when they’re unnecessary enhances the risk of getting an infection, resistant to the antibiotic therapy.


Do not apply if the patient has an increased sensitivity (allergy) to one of the components that make up the drug.

Incidentally, it is contraindicated if the patient has previously had anaphylactic reactions to beta-lactam antibiotics.

Simultaneous administration with probenecid can reduce the level of valproic acid in the serum, therefore it is not recommended to use the dopirenum with this drug at the same time.


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