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How does Esbriet 267 mg act? What are its main benefits?

Esbriet 267 mg falls within the group of drugs called antifibrotics. It has an anti-inflammatory action. The drug is intended for the treatment of adult patients suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (lung disease resulting in scarring of the lungs), also known as IPF. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a disease where the lungs get thickened and scarred for a very long term. It is still unknown how Pirfenidone acts; however, it can relieve inflammation and scarring in the lungs and delay the exacerbation of disease. Esbriet 267 mg has been proven to slow down the development of IPF, and the new pill formulation (which comes as a 267 mg pill) is intended to offer extra treatment options for patients suffering from this disease.

How to use Esbriet 267 mg?

Take the medication strictly according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Avoid using this drug in higher dose or longer than necessary.

Your physician will do the blood tests to ensure that you don’t have the disorders that won’t allow you to safely use the drug.

Take Esbriet during the meal at the same time every day.

Esbriet is generally taken three times a day. Your dosage can be regulated within the first 2 weeks of therapy.

During the first 7 days, you should take 1 pill at one time.

During the next week, it is necessary to take 2 pills at one time.

During the third week of treatment, you should take 3 pills at one time.


– Patients can become too sensitive to sunshine (photosensitivity reaction) during the treatment with Esbriet 267 mg. Don’t spend much time in the sun while using Esbriet. Wear sunblock every day and always cover your body to minimize the sun exposure. – Avoid taking other drugs, including tetracycline antibiotics (like doxycycline) that can increase your photosensitivity.
– Inform your doctor if you have any liver disorders. – Avoid smoking while using Esbriet, as tobacco can decrease the effectiveness of Esbriet.
– The drug can cause vertigo and exhaustion. Try to avoid the activities that require focus and alertness.
– The medication can lead to the weight loss. Your physician should control your weight throughout the treatment.


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