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fildena 120 mg tablets

Generic Name:Sildenafil Citrate
Brand Name:Viagra
Indian Brand:Fildena Strong
Manufacturer:Fortune Healthcare
Dosage:120 mg
Packaging:Blister Pack of 10 Tablets
Delivery Time:7 — 21 Days

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At a more honorable age, some men face problems with erectile dysfunction. This disease makes forgetting the pleasures of an intimate life, making it boring and monotonous.
But modern medicine has long learned to fight this disease. Fildena Strong tablets are by far the most popular and effective treatment for male impotence. Any type of erectile dysfunction can be treated: vascular or psychological.

Working on the mechanism of erection, Fildena Strong tablets, help men experience the long-lasting effect of natural erection. But it is worth noting that Fildena Strong can not affect the erectile function, without an additional stimulus, that is excitation. Such an irritant can be a desire for intimacy.
Advantages of the generic Sildenafil Fildena Strong:
high efficiency in any situation;
increases the sensitivity of the penis;
an erection is quickly restored after ejaculation.

How to use Fildena Strong:

The drug should be taken 40-60 minutes before the sexual intercourse.
Time of action of Fildena Strong: 4-5 hours
The recommended dose of Fildena Strong is 120 mg per day

Fildena Strong should be taken on an empty stomach and washed down with a small amount of water
Main features, benefits and contra-indications Fildena Strong:
The effect of Fildena Strong is noticeable already after 40-50 minutes after administration.
Valid from 4 to 5 hours.
Alcohol and fatty food reduce the absorption by 30% and delay the start of the action for 20 minutes!

According to the results of large-scale studies it was found that Fildena Strong also helps to combat psychological problems – self-esteem is increased and self-confidence is restored.

Tolerance: good, possible side effects in 9% of cases – redness of the skin (due to increased blood flow) and a small nasal congestion.


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