Gefticip 250mg


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Indications for use.

Gefticip 250 mg can be used for the treatment of locally advanced or non-small cell metastatic lung cancer, resistant to the chemotherapy.


Gefticip is contraindicated for the patients with hypersensitivity to its components. Gefticip shouldn’t be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and for the treatment of children and teenagers, as the safety of its use has not been fully explored.
Patients with pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, drug-induced lung disease and elevated transaminases should take Gefticip with caution.

Side effects.

The most frequent side effects of this drug are diarrhea, skin rash, itching and dryness of skin. Usually, these side effects appear in the beginning of treatment and are reversible.

Gefticip 250 mg is toxic for the body. Blood-forming organs: haematuria and nasal bleedings (frequently).
Digestive system: diarrhea, sickness, vomiting, rapid weight loss, stomatitis, dehydration, elevated liver enzymes; rarely- pancreatitis.

The use of this drug can cause vision disorders. According to the feedbacks of the patients, Gefticip 250 mg often cause conjunctivitis, blepharitis, recurrent corneal erosion and impaired growth of eyelashes.

Respiratory system: in rare cases, it can cause interstitial lung disease (which in turn can lead to death).
The treatment can cause skin rash, itching, erythema, nail abnormalities and alopecia.
You should also remember that the use of this drug can trigger the (rare) allergic reactions, such as angioedema and urticaria.
The other side effects include the possibility of asthenia.
If the patient doesn’t follow the drug instructions, it may cause the drug overdose, and the side effects will be more intensive.


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