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In the fight against cancer, the patient is prescribed a complex therapy, which includes various approaches to treatment. Modern medicine is trying to offer more effective drugs to help the patient. The therapy strategy is based on an individual approach to each patient. In cases of non-small cell lung cancer of a local or metastatic nature, refractory to chemotherapy containing derivatives of docetaxel and platinum, the administration of Iressa 250 mg is prescribed. This is an effective tool that has passed many tests and clinical trials. As with any other medicine, Iressa has contraindications to the use, as well as a number of side effects, but according to statistics, the withdrawal of the drug was required only at 3% of patients.

Its right to exist Iressa defended in the course of clinical trials, where 10.6% of the subjects showed a persistent positive effect of the therapy.

Gefitinib is already the second drug of the new generation, created for the treatment of oncological diseases. Iressa 250 mg has a narrow spectrum of action – it is prescribed for non-small cell lung cancer, and it has helped to increase the success of therapeutic measures in the treatment of malignant tumors, and the treatment process with it has become more comfortable for patients, as confirmed by patients’ reviews.

According to feedbacks, a subjective feeling of improvement is observed in patients after a week of using Iressa, and the actual effect is manifested in 70% of patients after a month of lung cancer treatment. The efficacy of Iressa is mainly extended to patients with a mutated gene, but about half the cases without mutations also respond to therapy with Iressa.

Composition and action of the drug.

The main active substance of the drug is Gefitinib (250 mg).

The drug action is aimed at suppressing the division of affected cells, after which (in most cases) the painful changes become reversible. Effectiveness of treatment largely depends on the patient’s individual characteristics. Female patients, Asian and non-smokers (or people who barely smoke) have higher chance of recovery.

The active components of Iressa 250 mg absorb in blood for 3 – 7 hours. According to the instruction, Iressa (when used regularly) is accumulated in the body in higher doses than in case of single use. Therefore, you should take the drug in courses.

According to the instruction, you should take Iressa once a day throughout the course. This is a fixed dose that isn’t affected by the patient’s age, gender or body weight. Duration of course is chosen individually by the specialist.
If the side effects appear, the treatment implies preventing the undesirable consequences. If they are pronounced, the treatment should be interrupted for 2 weeks.

Indications and contraindications of Iressa 250 mg

Iressa 250 mg is intended for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (metastatic or locally advanced), resistant to the chemotherapy containing the derivatives of Docetaxel and platinum.

If the use of Iressa 250 mg causes shortness of breath, cough and fever, the treatment should be stopped.
The main side effects of the drug (more than 20% of cases) are: skin dryness, accompanied by acne, itching or diarrhea. They are reversible and require symptomatic treatment.

Appearance of Iressa 250 mg raised the medicine to the new level and gave hope for further openings in this field.


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