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Mechanism of action of Gilotrif 40mg.

The pharmacological effect of Afatinib is due to its ability. Inhibit the activity of the enzyme protein tyrosine kinase. This enzyme plays an important role in the processes of division and growth of malignant cells. The action of Gilotrif 40mg is a highly selective blocker of EGFR type receptors, which has an irreversible effect, which leads to the rapid death of tumor cells.

What Gilotrif 40mg is used for?

Gilotrif 40mg is intended for the treatment of adults suffering from non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Gilotrif may be used as a first-line anti-cancer drug or after the failure of chemotherapy.

Gilotrif 40mg is a prescription drug, intended for the treatment of NSCLC in the following cases:
• the cancer has an abnormal epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene. Your doctor will do a test to ensure that this drug is suitable for you.
• the tumor is metastatic
• untreated pulmonary cancer

Protocol for the using of Gilotrif 40mg.

Gilotrif 40mg is available in tablet form and is intended for use on an empty stomach, no later than 1 hour before meals or at least 3 hours after it. The tablet should be swallowed in a single form and washed down with water. The standard dosage of the remedy in the treatment of pulmonary cancer is 40 mg once a day. If, after a three-week course of daily administration of Gilotrif 40mg, the patient does not experience side effects, then its dosage should be increased to 50 mg per day. Therapy with Afatinib should be prolonged and does not stop until the appearance of symptoms of progression of the pathology or the occurrence of side effects.

Efficacy of using of Gilotrif 40mg.

Evaluation of the results of the use of Gilotrif was performed in a large-scale clinical study LUX-Lung 3. The data obtained from its results demonstrated that the administration of this remedy almost doubled the survival time of patients with pulmonary cancer without symptoms of progression of the pathology.

Interaction with other remedies.

In a number of clinical trials, no interaction of Gilotrif 40mg with other pharmacological agents has been identified. The remedy should be used with caution in combination with metabolites of P-glycoprotein.


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