Hycamtin 1mg / 4mg


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Dosage of Hycamtin.

Dosage of Hycamtin is determined by the doctor, after a detailed examination of the patient. When determining the amount of the remedy to be administered, it is necessary to consider whether Hycamtin is used as a mono remedy or is part of a complex therapy. The standard amount of the remedy is 1, 25 mg per 1 sq m of the body, however this dose may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the attending doctor. If the amount of remedy is reduced to 1 mg due to side effects, therapy should be canceled.

Indications for using of Hycamtin.

Hycamtin, as an antitumor remedy, is prescribed for the treatment of small cell lung cancer, a malignant tumor of the ovaries. Good results of Hycamtin showed in the course of therapy against recurrent or persistent cervical cancer, which cannot be surgically treated, and also fails to respond to radiotherapy in conjunction with platinum derivatives.

Active components and method of application of Hycamtin.

The main active substance of the remedy is Topotecan. Its pharmacodynamic properties are reduced to inhibition of a particular enzyme that participates in DNA replication of a mutated cell. Antitumor substance of Topotecan, after entering the body, purposefully affects the blocking of topoisomerase of I degree, in connection with which the metabolism of the mutated cell stops and its death occurs.

How to use Hycamtin:

Hycamtin is prescribed in the form of intravenous infusions, lasting about 30 minutes. Attention! The remedy can be used only drip-intravenously, before the first procedure is mandatory to check the level of neutrophils, platelets and hemoglobin in the blood. The average number of infusions, after which there is a noticeable relief of symptoms – 4 times. Intravenous infusions are performed once a week with a break of 3 weeks. During the course of therapy and for 3 weeks after the end of the course, patients are advised to use reliable contraceptive methods, immediately inform the doctor about the pregnancy that occurs with the using of Hycamtin.


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