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Topotecan is used to treat small cell lung cancer; ovarian cancer; recurrent, persistent form of cervical cancer that cannot be cured surgically or with radiotherapy combined with Cisplatin. Reviews about Topotecan have a positive connotation, which allows determining its effectiveness in use, thanks to patients who have experience of taking the remedy.

Principle of action of Topotecan.

This is an antitumor remedy that is an inhibitor of topoisomerase I. It is an enzyme that directly participates in DNA replication. The remedy helps to normalize the covalent complex of the enzyme, as well as spiral-cleaved DNA, which is an intermediate element of the catalytic mechanism. Suppression of the enzyme topoisomerase I promotes rupture of single-stranded DNA, blocking the replication of DNA.

Method of administration and dosage of Topotecan.

This remedy is administered by intravenous infusion over 30 minutes. In the case of small cell lung cancer, as well as ovarian cancer, 1.5 mg per square meter should be used for five days every day, followed by an interval of three weeks. In case of cervical cancer, treatment should be carried out in the volume of 0.75 mg per square meter from the first day to the third day. On the first day of administration of the drug, 50 mg / m2 infusion of Cisplatin also occurs.

Side effects of Topotecan.

febrile neutropenia;
allergic reactions;
increased fatigue;
elevated body temperature.

Application for renal dysfunction

With monotherapy for patients with CC> 40 ml / min, no dosage adjustment is required. The recommended dose for patients with SC from 20 to 39 ml / min is 0.75 mg / m / day. Recommendations on the dosage regimen in patients with a decrease in CC <20 ml.

Who is contraindicated Topotecan.

Contraindications include Topotecan:
pronounced form of bone marrow suppression;
sensitivity to the constituents of the remedy;
Child age due to lack of experience in the application;
lactation period.


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