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Lenvatinib is used to control neoplasms in the thyroid gland. This is fully applies, as a primary tumor with such a localization, and metastatic foci in this place. This remedy is prescribed when the previous treatment with preparations of radioactive iodine was ineffective in its effect. This is the main indication for its taking.

Treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist who has experience in the treatment of cancer. It is recommended to take at most 24 mg at one time. This is done once a day. Correction of the daily dosage depending on the individual characteristics of the patient is done by a doctor. If for some reason the reception is missed, the treatment is continued according to the usual scheme. A double dose should not be taken at a time.

The possible appearance of side effects is eliminated by adjusting the dose or canceling the remedy. The remedy is stopped taking, if it already becomes simply unbearable for the patient. With their mild severity, cessation of treatment is not required.

The European Commission for Quality Control, Safety and Efficacy of Medicines has given the go-ahead for the use of the new remedy of the pharmaceutical company “Eisai Europe” for the treatment of locally distributed and metastatic thyroid-differentiated carcinomas that have been resistant to radioiodine therapy.

The remedy was called Lenvatinib (tablets for oral administration). Its active ingredient is Lenvatinib mesylate. It is a selective blocker of kinases (enzyme-activators) of the growth factor of the endothelial membrane of vessels of several types (FGFR, VEGFR, KIT, RET and PDGFR). These structures take an active part in the reproduction of cancer cells and in the process of vascularization of the tumor (the growth of new vessels for its nutrition). Accordingly, if you block these activators, which makes Lenvatinib, the tumor cannot feed and grow.

The basis for the resolution of taking of Lenvatinib for the treatment of thyroid cancer in European countries was the results of the phase 3 large-scale placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial SELECT. It was shown that the use of the remedy leads to a significant increase in the survival of patients and slowing the progression of thyroid tumors compared with the placebo group. Employees of the company, who studied the remedy, state that patients received a quick response to treatment (the first positive results were observed after 2 months of therapy). It was shown that people who took Lenvatinib lived 18.3 months without progressing of a tumor. If we compare this figure with patients who did not receive lenvatinib, it was only 3.6 months.


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