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Pharmacological properties

Lenvima 4mg has antiangiogenic and anticancer properties.
Lenvima 4mg is one of the multikinase inhibitors, which are characterized by antiangiogenic activity in vitro and in vivo, and have the ability to inhibit the growth of tumors in models such as in vitro.

Action of the drug

Lenvima 4mg belongs to the group of tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitors, capable of selectively quenching the kinase activity of receptors that determine the growth of vascular endothelium. Levantines also can affect the receptors of tyrosine kinases that are involved in the mechanisms of oncogenic and pro-angiogenic types, including receptors that influence the growth of fibroblasts.
Indications for use
It is used as a therapeutic agent for patients suffering from a progressive form of metastatic differentiated or locally common type of thyroid carcinoma, showing immunity to radioactive iodine.

Side effects

Clinical studies have shown that patients who suffer from a differentiated form of thyroid cancer, immune to radioactive iodine, as well as renal cell carcinoma, recorded similar reactions, which belong to the category of undesirable. The development of arterial hyperextension was observed mostly at the initial stage of treatment with the drug.
The possible adverse reactions include kidney failure, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and heart failure.

Reception of Lenvima 4mg.

Lenvima 4mg in the form of capsules should be taken daily 1 time per day (preferably at the same time). It should be taken as a whole drinking enough water. If you want to dissolve a capsule in water or apple juice, the whole capsule should be placed in the selected liquid (1 tablespoon of water or juice), then left for 10 minutes, stirred and taken.

Lenvima 4mg is prescribed by oncologists who have experience in the treatment of multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndromes or mantle cell lymphoma. You should always follow the doctor’s advice and instructions on Lenvima 4mg. If you are not sure about anything, you should ask all your questions.
Patients diagnosed with carcinoma of the thyroid gland, are usually prescribed 24 mg of Lenvima once a day. If the drug exhibits toxicity, the daily dose may be changed.


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