Malegra 25

Sildenafil 25mg tablets by Sunrise

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Most men prefer Malegra 25, as it allows the patient to get rid of the following diseases:

Erectile dysfunction.

The drug action can be accompanied by the natural erection, as it just increases the blood flow to the sexual organs. Such effect on the potency is completely harmless. Moreover, it can gradually develop natural erection that won’t be very different from the reaction caused by the drug.
Malegra 25: use and principle of action

The main active substance of the pharmaceutical product is Sildenafil. The dosage of 25 mg allows men over 65 to regularly take this drug. The same dose used infrequently will also suit the younger men who decided to try Malegra 25 for the first time.

Sexual stimulator starts acting several minutes after the intake. Therefore, it would be appropriate to take it one hour before the supposed sexual act. Generic starts acting within 4 hours after the intake.

Despite its safety, Malegra 25 has a small list of contraindications, standard for all drugs. People suffering from the following diseases shouldn’t use this medication:

– Increased sensitivity to the separate drug components.
– Penile curvature.
– High blood pressure.
– Stomach ulcer.

In some cases, the drug can cause minor side reactions in the form of vertigo, headache, eating disorders and photosensitivity. These symptoms usually appeared after the first use of the drug, but went away after the second one.


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