Olaparib 50mg


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The mechanism of action

Olaparib 50mg is a blocker of the activity of a particular cell enzyme, which is necessary for the reproduction of tumor cells. Chemically neutralizing this enzyme (poly-ADP-ribose), olaparib interrupts the replication of nucleic acids, which stops cell division and further leads to its death.

Recent clinical studies of Olaparib 50mg

Before you buy olaparib, we recommend reading the data of clinical trials. Its effectiveness and safety were studied in the clinical trials, which involved women with breast cancer and patients with ovarian cancer. Before Olaparib 50mg was prescribed, the patients had been taking traditional chemotherapy. While taking Olaparib 50mg, the average number of remissions in patients with ovarian cancer increased by 20% and in patients with breast cancer – by 21%.
In addition, Olaparib 50mg demonstrated a statistically significant increase in the number of clinical responses and in the duration of treatment responses. All of the above allowed the FDA to approve the use of the drug in the accelerated procedure.
The doctor will tell you about the prescribed doses of Olaparib 50mg and other drugs, if you have been prescribed a combination treatment.

Instructions for use

Before the reception of Olaparib 50mg it is necessary to carry out an examination for the presence of BRCA mutation. The drug is used only with a positive result. The standard dosage of Olaparib 50mg is 400mg, which is taken orally twice a day in the morning and evening. You should use Olaparib no later than in two months after the end of treatment with platinum drugs. Therapy with Olaparib continues until the onset of symptoms, progression of the disease.

Side effects

First of all, we recommend clarifying the relevance of Olaparib, and of course it is very important to get acquainted with the undesirable effects of its reception. If you find unpleasant symptoms such as decreased appetite, headaches, fainting, abdominal pain, fatigue, you should immediately consult a doctor.


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