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How it acts?

Pazopanib belongs to the group of medications called a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI). Tyrosine kinases are proteins, responsible for many cellular functions. There are a lot of various tyrosine kinases, which contribute to the growth of cancer cells.

The drug prevents the activity of these proteins and belongs to the group of multi-tyrosine kinase inhibitors. It prevents tumor cells from growing and replicating. It’s called anti-angiogenic therapy.

The pharmacokinetics of Pazopanib 200 mg:

After oral administration, the empty stomach is completely absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The maximum concentration in the blood plasma is reached after 3 hours. The connection with plasma proteins is 99%.
The therapeutic effect develops after the onset of admission. Metabolism in the liver.
Half-life is 30 hours. Elimination of the intestine – 27% unchanged. 2% of the dose – kidney in the form of metabolites and unchanged.

Indications of Pazopanib 200 mg:

It is used to treat common renal cell carcinoma, common soft tissue sarcoma in patients after a course of chemotherapy.

How to use this drug?

Pazopanib comes in the form of pill for oral intake. It should be taken once a day (about one hour before or two hours after eating). Take the medication at about the same time of the day. Stick to the doctor’s prescriptions. If you have any questions, contact your physician or pharmacist. Don’t change the drug dose or frequency of use on your own.

Swallow the pills instead of chewing or crushing them.

If necessary, your physician may change your dosage or temporarily stop your treatment. This depends on your reaction to the drug and any adverse effects you may notice. Discuss your well-being with your physician during your treatment. Keep taking the drug even if all the symptoms have gone. Avoid stopping the treatment without your doctor’s approval.

Don’t have live attenuated vaccines during treatment and for about half a year afterwards.

You’re allowed:

have other vaccines; however, they won’t be as effective as they should be
have influenza vaccine
contact with other patients receiving live vaccines in the form of injections

Avoid contact with people who’ve had oral live attenuated vaccines (for example, rotavirus vaccine). This urinary virus and can affect your body as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t change the children’s diapers for about 14 days after their vaccination. If you can’t avoid it, just wear disposable gloves and wash your hands carefully after the procedure.
Don’t contact with people who has had oral poliomyelitis or typhoid vaccination lately.

Special instructions of Pazopanib 200 mg:

At the first symptoms of diarrhea, the use of antidiarrheal agents is recommended.
Before treatment and then monthly monitored the activity of transaminases, alkaline phosphatase, and bilirubin. If necessary, dose correction of Pazopanib 200 mg is performed.


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